Meeting your business shredding needs


Friendly, reliable and quick service is what Somerset County Workshop Shred Express (SCWSE) is all about. No matter the size of your business, SCWSE offers two main services: scheduled route pickup and one-time purge shredding. If your business needs monthly document shredding, our staff will find the right route shredding solution for you. Need to dispose of unwanted stored records? We suggest our purge “one-time” service.

How It Works

ROUTE: scheduled paper shredding services
Once you speak with one of our customer service representatives, they will help you determine the best solution for your shredding needs. As a route customer, you will receive a lockable, secure bin or console free of charge. Place the container wherever your staff wants to discard confidential, sensitive documents. Staples and paper clips are no problem. Our powerful equipment can handle these items.

On scheduled pick-up days, a uniformed professional will visit your office, empty your company’s bins or consoles. The material to be shredded will be loaded on our secured truck and shipped to our shredding facility. We ensure that all unwanted, confidential documents are destroyed and a certificate of destruction will be sent to you.

PURGE: one time, single trip shredding services
Do you have unwanted or confidential information that is taking up valuable area? Free up square footage and expensive storage space. One call is all it takes to dispose of it.

To get started, just complete the online quote or contact us at 814-445-6908 and a customer service representative will quickly establish a shredding action plan. No job is too small or too large. We work with all types businesses and government agencies.


What Are The Benefits Of A Shredding

Free your employees from the hassle of in-house shredding: sorting papers, paper jams and pulling staples.


Call us at 814-445-6908 to start your paper shredding service.

All bins and consoles are secure under lock and key. All paper is shredded at our secure local facility.

You can feel at ease
knowing that all shredded material is baled and then shipped to a recycling facility.

Which Container Fits My Needs


This type of container is ideal for a business to conveniently dispose of unwanted documents.

High traffic areas near a copier, trash can or FAX machine. In departments such as payroll or human resources.
Capacity: Approx. 90 lbs.
Dimensions: 40" h x 19" w x 19" d
Security: Tamper-evident, keyed lockable door
Color: Putty


An ideal container is ideal for a business with a high volume of confidential material.

Location: Work room, records storage room or any large volume document areas.
Capacity: Approx. 200 lbs.
Dimensions: 47" h x 25" w x 26"d
Security: Tamper-evident, keyed lockable cover
Color: Grey


Paper Grades Acceptable For Recycling or Destruction

Computer Print Out

Computer paper generated by laser printer and/or impact printer. Paper type can be 1/2" x 11" or continuous feed green bar or white bond.

Groundwood Computer

Computer paper same as above but with a groundwood paper content (recycled).

White Ledger

New or used white bond paper that is uncoated with any kind of printing. Includes white forms, white envelopes, copier paper and white paper with logos, letterhead, lines and rulings.

Colored Ledger

New printed or unprinted colored paper.

Mixed Office

Paper unsorted from the office which may consist of the following types: scrap paper, manila folders, file folders, legal papers, invoices, statements, multi part forms with small amounts of carbon.

Printers Mix

Printers waste including coated and uncoated paper, printed or unprinted.

Unacceptable Materials
The following materials will not be accepted:
Plastic coated paper; wet or exclusively damp paper; carbon paper; credit cards; photographs; magazines; newspapers; telephone books; paper towels; and tissues.