Safe, Secure, Picked Up At Your Door


Every year improper document management costs businesses millions of dollars in liability and lost productivity. Somerset County Workshop Shred Express (SCWSE) can help you implement a low-cost, secure and compliant document shredding solution.

In order to meet our customers’ high security standards, SCWSE is a member of and follows the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID) guidelines. To verify the shredding process was completed, your company will be provided with a certificate of destruction.

Off Site Shredding Services

Keep sensitive company information confidential. Our security consultants will customize a complete document shredding program for your business—no matter the size.

Secure Pickup
All bins and consoles are secure under lock and key. Our staff shreds all paper at our Somerset location ensuring that all unwanted, confidential documents are destroyed.

Free Containers to Suit Your Needs
Depending on your volume, you can choose to have a secure console container or a secure rolling bin delivered to your office.

Shedding Process
Once materials reach our facility, documents are shredded by a “continuous strip cut” shred method to meet the highest security standards. After each service visit you will be e-mailed a certificate of destruction.

Customized Plans
Flexible service plans to meet your unique security and financial needs. One time pickup or ongoing scheduled service is available.

Opportunities for a Brighter Tomorrow

The Somerset County Workshop is a vocational rehabilitation facility that is part of the Bedford-Somerset MH/MR, d/b/a Cornerstone Community Services. Our goal is to assist disabled individuals in developing their vocational potential through the use of compensable work.

As an Ability One Provider, our in-house expertise can meet our customers’ assembly, packaging, service and document shredding needs. Our thirty-thousand square foot facility is licensed for a workforce primarily comprised of approximately 90 individuals.

We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and providing opportunities for both customer and staff alike.

Mission Statement:
Our Mission is to assist adults with physical or mental disabilities to enhance their self-image and self-worth by using compensable and meaningful work activities as a tool to improve their work habits and behaviors.